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I am a woman "in the flower of my age". My great hobby is making silver jewellery out of silver clay and sterling silver. Sometimes I sell some too, because I cannot use it all myself. Other interests are SEVEN gorgeous grandchildren - nine with my husband's two, gardening, books, kayaking, photo... I write this blog in English to keep up the language after my retirement. I was a teacher in English and French for 18 years (so I ought to have a blog in French too...) and assistant head at a school for 15 years. My second blog shows my handmade silver jewellery.

fredag 14 augusti 2009

Oxidizing with sulphur... (svavellever)

Some people are not "silverpersons". They want a warmer tone. Oxidizing with "svavellever (sulphur-something...) is a way of changing the colour of the silver. One doesn't quite know the result in advance, but sometimes you get the most amazing colours. The leaves in the picture have all been oxidized this way. The leaves are made from silverpaste on real leaves.

2 kommentarer:

ewa-christine sa...

Jättefint, du har kommit igång bra ser jag.

JohannaDesign - Blommor, smycken o inredning sa...

Vilka fina smycken du gör. Vill gärna lära mig att arbeta i silverlera. Måste gå någon kurs snart. Har tänkt göra det så länge. Löven är helt underbara. Tack för titten hos mig :)