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Askim, Göteborg, West coast, Sweden
I am a woman "in the flower of my age". My great hobby is making silver jewellery out of silver clay and sterling silver. Sometimes I sell some too, because I cannot use it all myself. Other interests are SEVEN gorgeous grandchildren - nine with my husband's two, gardening, books, kayaking, photo... I write this blog in English to keep up the language after my retirement. I was a teacher in English and French for 18 years (so I ought to have a blog in French too...) and assistant head at a school for 15 years. My second blog shows my handmade silver jewellery.

onsdag 9 december 2009


My eucalyptus tree is in the balcony room during the winter. I love the greyish leaves and they make good tea, especially when you have caught a cold.

2 kommentarer:

Jean sa...

I don't think I've ever seen a eucalyptus in a pot. It's very pretty (the pot too). I love all your silver jewelry and am envious of those who have a talent like you do!

ewa-christine sa...

Va, kan man få smaka någon gång, detta visste jag inte!!!!!